Native plant niche

Thanks to Clint Eastwood and “The Bridges of Madison County,” people from around the world travel to south central Iowa to see its covered bridges every year. But for lucky visitors who time it right, Madison County holds more surprises: field after field of native prairie grass and wildflower seed production, bursting with breathtaking color and blooms. Allendan Seed Company, the force behind the beauty, has grown from humble beginnings into one of the nation’s largest producers of native prairie seed.

How to Design and Plant Water-Conscious Gardens

Having your own yard and garden is satisfying for a lot of reasons. But one of our favorites is being able to call the shots and control your impact on the environment. Regardless of your yard or garden size, your choices can help leave the Earth better off than it was before you came along. Water-conscious gardening is one way to make a difference — whether you live where water is plentiful or where drought and gardening go hand in hand.
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